Applied Manufacturing Systems Laboratory

With the rapid progress of the high-tech industry, manufacturing is taking a new turn with the emergence of new fabrication processes and materials. In this regard, AMS lab’s mission is to foster world-class research, education, and innovation in the implementation of Additive Manufacturing Process and its applications. AMS lab’s activities encompass printable carbon-based nanocomposites, printed electronics and their applications, sensors,  robotic applications, and food 3D printing.

Research in AMS lab is focusing on the development and engineering of carbon-based nanocomposites, conductive polymers, and stimuli-responsive materials and their applications for printed electronics using a variety of additive manufacturing processes such as Vat Photopolymerization and Material Extrusion process. Furthermore, the exclusive AM system (Direct Ink Writing) was developed specifically for the fabrication of functional structures using wide range of materials with different properties. Development and testing of food 3D printing system is also a center of interest in our lab.

Our work is multidisciplinary and we have the opportunity to collaborate with the government, industry, and other academic institutions.

What's New 

2024 KSPE Spring conference at Jeju Island.

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